Leading Experts in High pressure sewer & drain cleaning

Aquajet have a range of jetvac vehicles ,combined high pressure, high volume jetting With high powered vacuum tankering capability

They are capable of removing silt and debris from pipelines,culvets,deep pumping stations, Wet wells and soakaways.

Leading Experts in pipeline CCTV Inspections & Reports

Aquajet offers the latest in CCTV Inspection and diagnosis, using state of the art equipment
providing a fast efficient and cost effective service with the least possible distrupion to your business.

Our CCTV and drainage services are relied on by Local Authorities, Utility companies, and
Consulting Engineers to major construction firms.

We are an Environmental Drainage Service Company

Aqua Jet Environmental Drain Services offer a wide range of professional and reliable services for drain surveying, testing and cleaning to a variety of industrial, commercial and domestic customers. A family run business, Aqua Jet has over 25 years’ experience within the drainage and wet waste industry. We pay particular emphasis on providing a quality customer service with cost effective solutions to your waste management requirements.

The Company considers health and safety of paramount importance along with commercial and operational factors. Our staffs are fully trained on a continuous basis to ensure high standards and exceptional knowledge regarding health and safety issues within the commercial and public sectors. Our experienced team utilises the widest range of the most up-to-date and specialised equipment available ensuring provision of the right technical solution to minimise disruption, cost and delay.

Domestic Customers

Domestic drainage problems are an unpleasant experience, causing mess, odours, potential flooding and inconvenience. Aqua Jet Environmental Drain Services Ltd. offers not only professionally trained Drainage experts but also professional.......


We provide a wide range of commercial services including 24hr drain cleaning, grease trap services and forecourt services


We provide a wide range of industrial services including CCTV surveys, emergency spill response and preventative maintenance.