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Manhole Rehabilitation

Often determined by a given customer’s needs, Aquajet provides a series of manhole rehabilitation methodologies including:

CIPP (Cured-in-Place Pipe) Appropriate for cylindrical manhole chambers, a liner can be specifically designed to fit into the existing structure.
Chemical Grouting To arrest manhole infiltration, a two part gel is forced into manhole cracks and openings. Aquajet can adjust the cure time from eight seconds to over an hour. The hardened product is continuous, irreversible, waterproof, and non-porous. Should roots be determined to be the compromising factor, an additive can be introduced to the gel to prevent any further root growth.
Hydraulic Cement This simple technique is often requested by customers. Here, repairs can be made to the benching and the walls of the manhole chamber by chipping away its damaged sections or excess material and sealing the sections with waterproof cement.