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Manhole Survey

All Aqua Jet Environmental Manhole Surveys are to a SUS25 and Mapdrain standard which allows us to record details of the manhole condition, diameter of pipe inlets and outlets, depths of inverts and cover conditions.

In addition the MH details can be scanned in and named with their correct STC25 reference. This is carried out so photographs and documents can be uploaded to the mapdrain database using the mdUtil software. This software can also be linked to CCTV files which in turn are linked to the drainage network. This allows the drainage network to be exported as a fully populated map info file.

The Manhole Surveys can be carried out in conjunction with the CCTV Surveys giving you a full, detailed customised report on your sewer network. Our survey services include the following:

  • Manhole / Sewer Network Surveys
  • GIS technology data production and mapping
  • Full pan & tilt camera equipment available
  • Off road work / portable capability
  • Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO)