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Sewer Rehabilitation

Aqua Jet Environmental provides an extensive range of services for sewer rehabilitation, no dig technology. The purpose of this work is to provide an effective means of repairing damaged pipelines without the need for costly and disruptive excavations.

Sewer Relining:

Relining is also known as ‘no-dig’ or ‘trenchless’ technology, and that’s one of its major advantages over traditional, costly and disruptive excavation sewer and drain repair. With sewer relining, there is minimal surface and environmental disruption so less inconvenience all round. This also means there are fewer health and safety risks involved.

Localised Patch Repair:

Patch repair techniques involve impregnating a fabric with a suitable resin and positioned in place within the sewer around an inflatable packer. The packer filled with air under pressure, presses the patch against the existing sewer wall while the resin cures.